March 28, 2007

"I was like really high up, so the baby landed right on the seat."

corsaperf_neon.jpgSaid Lisa Tauer, 28, a manager at Fashion Bug in Ashland, WI, who was talking about the front seat of their Dodge Neon, where she was perched as her husband Jereme, 29, was driving to the hospital.

Jereme Tauer said one good thing about the experience is that he won't forget the moment his son was born.

"I had a good look at the time, because it's right by the dashboard," he said. "It was 4:35."

Alas, the kid was named neither Dodge nor Neon, but Jereme Jr. Everyone's doing well, well enough to chat with reporters, at least.

Wis. Couple Have Baby at Nearly 100 Mph [ap/redorbit via moldawer]
image: DG racing's Dodge Neon with Corsa Performance Exhaust []

Update: that Moldawer podcast is great, and not just because I learned a 120mph birth was the legend part of Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby. -ed.]


What about Mopar? That would be a good name for the little grease monkey.
'Cuda would be a good one, too. Bet he would be the only kid in nursery school with THAT name. Outside of Michigan, anyway.

Dodge would be a good name.  Corsa would be nice too, if it was a girl, named from the Corsa Exhaust the Dodge Neon have. I haven’t yet witnessed with such incident but I think it would be amazing to have one.

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