March 27, 2007

I'm Gonna Guess His Name Is Oedipus


From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Minneapolis police say that Detrick D. Jiles [24] told officers that the boy [2], whose name police did not release, had taken the gun from his mother's purse and fired it at Jiles...

[Police spokeswoman Lt. Amelia] Huffman said the father told police he had been sleeping, but she said she could not say whether the man was awake when the boy, who was in a bedroom, took the gun from the purse and fired it.

"It is not too clear," said Huffman.

She also could not say how long the boy was playing with the gun before he fired it. She said she did not know whether there was a legal permit to carry the gun and, if so, in whose name.

The mother, a 22-year-old woman who wasn't named by police, was home but not in the room at the time, Huffman said.

Dad says 2-year-old shot him [startribune via obscurestore]
completely unrelated, I'm sure: photo by Robert Yager, see previous Cholo dad post here.

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