March 22, 2007

Wear Bears: Bear Daddy & Son Dolls From MoMA Store


Apparently, cubwearing doesn't cause this foot-tall, crocheted daddy bear doll any bearboob trouble at all. As for taking a whizz, I imagine he does that in the woods, too.

But I can't find any reference to the credited designer, Ness Design, anywhere online. And there's no readily available backstory about why they're named Emile and Emilien, either. Anyone?

yeah so, off my lazy, Googlin' ass-update: Grannimals are the French designer's reinterpretation of crocheted dolls her grandmother made for the 10 grandkids. They're put out by Latitude Enfant, whose artisans allow you to, in the words of online retailer, " Bring back the comfy, warm fuzzy feelings of an era when grandmothers and mothers had time to hand knit dolls for their children and grandchildren."

Yeah, because now we're outsourcing that OCD nonsense to China. Here you go, kid. live it up. There's a daddy doggy-daughter combo named Justin and Justine, too, btw.

Oh yeah, one more thing: DON'T think about Ewoks. Go ahead, DON'T.

Teddy Bear Family, 2004, by Ness Design, orig. $30, now $22 at MoMA Store, for $22 []
Actually, members get an additional 20% off instead of the usual 10%, today through Sunday 3/25.


They sell these at Target now. I got the bunny for a friends new baby about 3 weeks ago.

We saw the Latitude Enfant stuff at Target today. I don't see it online though. In the store, at the end of the aisle with the Schleich animals, they had the Grannimals, some nice DIY craft projects in a bag, some sweet bamboo games, and those Klafa/Klapa/Klaka (?) blocks with the beautiful packaging that I have only ever seen at the New Museum bookshop and maybe kidO. I'm hoping it's the kind of selection that will go unnoticed and end up on clearance.

Wonder what they look like inside out?

[give me $2,700 and i'll show you. -ed.]

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