March 20, 2007

Crimson Ghost, Pacified: Little Ruler Still Rules


Damn, Little Ruler is just awesome, season in and season out. I was never a big Misfits fiend, but my heart goes out to the punk metalhead dads who have to choose between a little Thomas t-shirt and an embroidered ducky Onesie when they get their kid dressed in the morning.

This Crimson Ghost-like bodysuit would bring them tears of joy. Which might then ruin their skull makeup. Best to make sure they're prepared for the gift.

Crimson Ruler Infant One Piece, 20 bones [ via dt reader naomi]


Sweet Lord of Hosts, I don't even know what sex my kid is yet and i MUST buy this immediately.

I love this onesie, but I'm wondering where I can find organic clothes for babies and toddlers with cool desings. As of now, I've only come across a few wesbites, but most of the "natural" clothing is usually itchy hemp or expensive bamboo, and the clothing is never cute, cool, nor clever.

Sites I've found:

Can anyone recommend more of the same?

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