March 20, 2007

But They Would Call Him Zachary

What an "NPR-nik" told the Boston Globe about Zack, a new news show they're hoping will reach a younger, 25-44 year-old, audience:

"We thought Zack is exactly the kind of name NPR staffers would give their male children."

Public Radio Seeks A Breath of Fresh Air [ via tmn]


I didn't know NPR was having issues with getting younger listeners. Everybody I know in that age group listens to NPR. Maybe I hang out with too many old young people.

[There's public radio, then there's NPR. PRI is actually behind shows like This American Life, and they just announced yesterday they're launching a younger-skewing competitor to NPR's Morning Edition, produced by WNYC and WGBH. This Zack story is counterspin to that announcement. -ed.]

I have to ask after reading yesterday’s screed against Garison Keillor (well deserved for his comments) and a post I remember from about six months ago. In that post you wondered what parents are playing on the car radio and mentioned that you don't want your daughter in therapy after subjecting her to PHC and most other NPR/PRI shows. Were you tortured as a child with NPR? Was Bob Edwards driving you insane as a kid?

[interesting catch, though the comments about PHC were a quote from a movie review, not mine. I found that listening to NPR, et al meant tuning out the kid, and that would either make her cranky or a zombie. Since we didn't listen to a lot of music, though, it also left her with nothing to listen to at all. As for my own parents, my dad was so opposed to altering a car, I'd be surprised if the radio buttons weren't still on factory presets when he'd trade them in. Vinyl seat protectors, and NO bumper stickers, too. -ed.]

I think our dads are seperated at birth. My dad dropped $35K on a Toyota Tundra last March and when I was in the truck this week I think he had pre-set (1) radio station and was listening to the worst sounding standards CD of all time on the upgraded JBL sound system. He also needs the p/u truck for the (1) load of mulch and crushed stone he gets annually.

Side note, I think the Sirius radio is aweseome with my soon to be two year old as a way to introduce them to all sorts of music. This morning the Red Hot CP's were playing and I hear this little voice humming along "heyoh" from the back seat. He actually digs outlaw country a lot which is frightening but I'll take it.

Funny that it would be "Zack" -- Did you catch This American Life this week (the eppy's titled "What I Learned From TV" and is hilarious. The last segment is by gay sex columnist Dan Savage talking about how disturbed he was watching the Disney show "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"...

I guess there's a Zack-Public Radio meme in the air!

[and on the web. -ed.]

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