March 16, 2007

Baby Hairy Bertoia Chair By Douglas Homer


You know how hilarious mid-century modern design aficionados get when they party. Lounging on the flokati rug, passing the hookah across that Eames surfboard table, getting silly with the puns... And then they wake up the next morning going, "Harry Bertoia. Harry. Hairy. Bertoia." The rest is ICFF history.

After giving the various models of vintage Harry Bertoia wire chairs--including the kid-sized version--a fresh powdercoating, Pennsylvania designer Douglas Homer gives them the latch-hook treatment, covering them with thousands of hand-tied polypropylene sponge cords.

The resulting design, Hairy Bertoia, is somewhere between a Muppetskin slipcover [heh] and a Campana Brothers plushtoy chair. But at less than a tenth the price.

Baby Hairy Bertoia is available in six colors from Genius Jones, for $850 [ via dt reader scott]
Douglas Homer []



I swear that thing looks like a fry-guy

[great call. -ed.]

Love this design! But think I'll stick to the kids bertoia chair

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