March 15, 2007

Young Milan: Chicks Go Crazy When Dey See My Wip


Freaky freaky freaky freaky freaky
Freaky freaky freaky freaky

The WIP Metro was designed by the Milan-based Edoardo Perri in conjunction with WIP, historically a manufacturer of aluminum and alloy sporting equipment. [They created the first all-metal tennis racket in Italy, which Adriano Panatta used in 1976 to win--


Can it get anymore pared down than this? A two-position reclinable hammock seat suspended on a "superlight," all-aluminum, tripod frame? The front wheel rotates freely, though I doubt the stroller turns in place as cleanly as the WIP Metro site's spinning rendering does.

I'd love to hear the rear wheels have independent suspension, but alas, they don't. Yet.


There's a baby bag of some kind, but it's not shown in this photo. [Which is of a prototype, which is why the 5-point harness isn't depicted, either.]


And now that I'm getting my fetish up, I'd kind of like to see if that central anchor mechanism couldn't be resolved in a slightly cleaner way.

But anyway, if I had an Escalade, I'd definitely throw one of these in the back. They're supposed to come out this spring somewhere/how.

Wip Metro Stroller by Edoardo Perri [ via jan at
Perri's portfolio site []
Points to A&D for the info about the seatbelt []


Awesome. Like a Zapp but lighter and easier to fold. Funnily enough I sketched out something almost exactly like this a couple years ago (the page in my notebook says 7-29-05). I was going to put the rear suspension in that central pivot block. We decided not to go into the stroller business obviously.

Wow- that looks like one sweet ride

how much to buy?

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