March 15, 2007

Creative Playthings Rainbow Twirler Hanging [sic] Toy


It was great in the Sixties, man, all flowers and rainbows. Running naked in the grass, little babies cooing and playing with their feet.

And then The Man came along in 1973 and started laying a lot of white labcoat mumbo jumbo on everyone about how dangling ropes into a crib somehow "constitutes a strangling hazard," or "asphyxiation hazard," whatever. Total squares, man.

circa 1969 RAINBOW TWIRLER Creative Playthings SCULPTURE, opening bid $9.99+$8 s/h, ends Mar. 21 [ebay]

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our son has had a few extended stays in the hospital over the last year, and in almost ever-other room at least one bed has an improvised version of this: a length of clothesline from the headpost to the footpost with toys hanging off by strings of rings.

The Man might have a problem with it, but Children's Hospital doesn't...

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