March 14, 2007

Neiman Marcus Shoppers Are Very Good To The Help


Very, very good. See the closeup below. The fullsized add is in the daddytypes flickr pool.


Even using the two-months-salary rule of thumb for servant gifts, a Bugaboo is a really special treat. [That's two months of their salary, of course.] [image: via dt reader naomi, who gets on some far swankier mailing lists than I do]


Getting a Bug for your nanny is sort a like getting your wife some sexy lingerie - the gift isn't really for the recipient.

On a largely unrelated side note, we just learned that for the past nine months or so, our au pair was in the habit of leaving our Cameleon parked outside and unattended in the street, park, and other public spaces while shopping, visiting attractions at the zoo and Sea World, etc. with the kid. She had no idea that it was of any more interest or value than the sea of Gracos, Maclarens, and Peg Peregos parked out there. And nobody ever touched it! We're amazed at the level of honesty in our fair city. But have nonetheless now asked her to refrain from pushing our luck.

It must be for the nanny, "mom" looks 14. And I know she ain't pushing a damn stroller.

Yep, 14 looks about right. Kind of a "TomKat" look with Top Gun guy diaper bag....yuck.

Oh how good and kind Mr. Neiman and Mr. Marcus are to the little people. Those nannies had better be grateful.

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