March 14, 2007

An Elephant Never Forgets, Either


The kid's been freaking us out lately with her vise-like memory. On the way to Bubble with me Sunday morning, she asked if the lady with the white balloons was going to be there, because she wanted another white balloon. [That would be Catti from the Swedish minimalist clothing line, Tuss, who did, in fact, give the kid a white tuss balloon last August.]

She started flying around the house last night, singing,

Wonderpants, wonderpants
we're on our way
to save the baby panda
and save her day
we're not [yeah, she kinda loses it in this part]
and [ditto]
but [?]
we've got the right stuff
The only problem, of course is that she's seen Wonderpets exactly once, during a bad cold, last winter.

[Another possible explanation: she reads Metrodad, or she sneaks out after we're asleep, heads downtown, and parties it up with him and his hipster parent posse. But I've suspected babies have secret lives their parents don't know about ever since the kid was one, and she introduced me to her friend Yoko Ono on a street corner.]

On a completely unrelated note, that picture is of a playground in Tel Aviv. [via jwz]

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That slide looks like it would be rather painful for the elephant.

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