March 13, 2007

Who Buys Diapers From A Blog? Pampers Edition


The $25/99 Pampers promotion at Amazon last month, coming as it did on the heels of a similar Huggies promotion in January, provides a chance to see a breakdown of who you are reads this site buys diapers on sale through a blog.

Actually, it only provides a chance to see how big your kid's butt is.

Thanks again to everyone who ordered from Amazon via Daddy Types. Think of it this way: every 20 orders placed represents one less pole dance the kid will have to do to pay her way through college. On second thought, don't.

Compared to the Huggies breakdown, it looks like a lot more people start with Pampers. Is that true? [2% of Huggies buyers bought newborn, vs 11.5% for Pampers.]


We started out trying both for our daughter, but found that Huggies (regular and Supreme) leaked up until she was about 6 months old. Didn't matter how snuggly we pulled those elasticized tabs. Pampers didn't -- we used the plain ones, not the Swaddlers or Cruisers.

Later on we gave Huggies another try and found them easier to use, because of those elasticized tabs, and the leak problem had disappeared.

We had the same issue with cloth diapers. Switching brands and types as the kid got older. It's as though she was growing, or changing shape or something...

We started out with Pampers but they seem to have some sort of scent added that (to me) smelled like pee, so I was always thinking he was wet. We switched to Huggies at probably the 6 month mark, or whenever Pampers stops the swaddlers line (is it crazy that I already can't remember that?) and haven't looked back since.

We loved the swaddlers, but actually never tried Huggies until Pampers went and changed the lining on their diapers (I wasn't crazy about little man always having a cross-hatch pattern embedded in his bum!), and when he outgrew the 1-2s but the Pampers 2s were so big they leaked. We did a little back-and-forth between Pampers and Huggies through the 2s stage (the size difference between brands is a hoot!) Swaddlers worked great for those breastfed-newborn diapers, but we've been dedicated Huggies people since he moved up to size 3. And it's nice that they're unscented, too.

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