March 13, 2007

Sweet Vintage Muji Elephant Puzzle


It's taking me a while to get my photos of my phone, but as soon as I do, I'll post them here. These freaky cute, little wooden elephants were part of the display in NonChalant Mom's booth at Bubble NY. She said they're vintage Muji, bought at the Paris store about ten years ago.

It's always good to find someone who's a bigger Muji otaku than I am. And she will retain that title until I start importing suitcasesful of Muji gear to resell--as opposed to giving it away as contest prizes.

Previously: grey market Muji Suburbia-in-a-Bag via Non-Chalant Mom

1 Comment

A suitcase full of Muji to resell, eh? Hmmmmm.... not quite.

As it happens, a lot of our daughter's friends have birthdays around hers though (that's the downside of making friends with other families in the same pre-natal class) so we loaded up half a suitcase with presents for them mostly purchased at Muji.

Is there some kind of 12-step program we can get into? I'm guessing it would involve crappy plastic toys and maybe some trips to a Gymboree store...

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