March 10, 2007

That Praftalling Baker On Sesame Street

You kind of forget the multitude of clips that have been retired from the 'Street for one reason or another. Kermit, for example, was set free from CTW's nominally non-profit pen as part The Muppet Show spinoff [Did you know it used to be called the Children's Educational Television Workshop? Now the Elmo licensing juggernaut seems focused on teaching its children viewers that non-profit is not non-commercial. But I digress.]

Who knows why a lot of clips were retired, but it's not hard to imagine that a CTW committee somewhere decided that, no matter how funny, and no matter how much it honored the Vaudevillian slapstick comedy tradition, repeated falls down the stairs while carrying an unwieldy amount of desserts was not a behavior they should be modelling for children. [Likewise banging your head on the piano keys when you can't figure something out, as the emo-haired composer Don Music demonstrated while trying to finish his Alphabet Song.]

Anyway, mstatz has rounded up the clips for counting 1-10 where the baker falls down the stairs:


The baker is, of course, Jim Henson himself.

Excellent. Thanks for posting this. I've been looking for "ten pies" for ages. YouTube will save us all.

The baker was only voiced by Jim Henson, it wasn't him falling down the stairs.

There's a compilation of just the parts with the baker at the following URL:

When I'm carrying something large and/or awkward down the stairs at home, I sometimes sing "10. Banana Cream. Pies." Maybe I'm tempting fate. :)

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