March 10, 2007

Sesame Street Counting Yogi Now Complete, Available In Spanish

For a long time, the version of this classic clip floating around YouTube of the transmogrifying, four-armed, counting Swami from Sesame Street was missing the first part; it started counting at four.

But thanks to the efforts of a couple of vintage Sesame Street gurus of the two-armed, VHS-ripping variety, the full clip is now online in all its beautiful, trippy glory. AND it's available in Spanish, too; "once doce trece catorze..." has been ringing in my head for like 35 years.

Classic Sesame Street: Four-Armed Count to 20 (English) and Spanish [youtube]
Browse more vintage Sesame Street clips, uploaded by mstatz and ISNorden [youtube]
Previously: Daddy Dear, the Indian Guru, and the Sesame Street Lyrics Archive

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So what can this all mean?

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