March 9, 2007

Plush Robots From Argentina By Sopa de Principe


MoMA and the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires have a joint promotion going on right now that features contemporary designs and products from BA. We saw a bucket of these Plush Robots by Sopa de Principe in the MoMA store this morning, $40 a head, but they're not on the MoMA Store website.

Fortunately, Mocoloco's Buenos Aires correspondent just posted photos of the robot family from the Southern Hemisphere. They're pretty cool, a clean, cute, simple, handmade design. But since they're not furry, I don't know if they're technically "plush." Stuffed, yes. [MoMA's are only one size, about 14"]

Also, the label in the store says they're for kids 6 months and up, but those felt eyes are basically just tacked on with a couple of stitches. If I were a baby, they're the first thing I'd tear/chew off. So you may want to reinforce those a bit before handing the robot over to the kid.

Sopa de Principe []

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