March 9, 2007

Homebrewed Family 4X4 Nirvana: Mercedes 300TD, Volvo 245


Holy smokes, these are exactly the cars I would have built if I'd determined to head to the Sierra Nevadas with my wife and three-year-old daughter after 9/11. And needed something to navigate all those snowy mountain roads and my 300-foot, 12% grade driveway. And knew how to marry a Mercedes Benz 300TD turbodiesel station wagon and a 1984 Nissan 720 4x4 pickup chassis. And how to create a true hybrid, a Volvo 245 wagon on a 1986 S10 4x4 Blazer chassis, powered by a 1997 Pontiac Firebird 3.8 series II.

Not a Cross Country: 240 Wagon 4x4 Build-up by Brian Roth [ via jalopnik]


Cool rides! I wonder, though, what the builder meant by "My number one priority with any vehicle is that it be legally exempt from any emissions testing."

What's his beef with emissions testing? Hmmm...

[i assumed emissions testing was the dealbreaker for a DIY carbuilder, something his mutant rides couldn't ever pass. -ed.]

Mah Na Mah Na.

I am the builder of these two vehicles. I have owned well over 100 vehicles in the past 28 years that I have been driving. I guess my issue with emissions testing comes down to this: I hate having others do things for me. I don't trust them. I hate hiring people to do work. Seems like it is often done incorrectly, dishonestly or late. Back in the day I failed many a smog check, some of which I should have passed were it not for an inept technician. Did my last on 6 years ago. I'm not trying to convince you that you should live your life like I live mine.

[thanks for stopping by and expanding on that, Brian, and you don't need to convince; you can let the sheer awesomeness of your rides do it for you. -ed.]

the volvo is sexy as hell. i'm moving from SC to CA in a few months and i need a bigger car for my trip over and i'll sell it there. you have any recommendations? can i buy the volvo?

hi can you call us about the benz wagon if its for sale or give us info on the build thank you joe or serena 734-778-2750 or 734-362-0549 or

wow. i have that blue volvo. 1984. thinking of rebuilding it (the inside) because i loooove that car. can you give me some tips and do you have any idea how much it would cost? thanks natalie.

The mercedes wagon started life as a diesel so no emission test in Calif. Leave it registered as that and nobody will be the wiser.

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