March 8, 2007

Truck Studio Crib For Nurseryworks Gets The Big 10-4


How do I know it's way past time to get the search functionality here on Daddy Types fixed? When people are forced to send questions like this to the New York Times:

Q. I once saw a crib that converted to a bed with a desk, but can’t find it. Can you help?
The Studio Crib, by Truck Product Architecture for Nurseryworks, first appeared last summer at ABC Kids Expo. Nurseryworks showed the full production version a few weeks ago at the Int'l Gift Fair, in New York, and it looked even better. Lots of little design improvements, really smooth operation of the changing table/desktop.

I kind of wish it came in a less flashy grain than zebrawood, but I guess I'm minimalist like that. As it is, it's a really greatlooking piece of furniture designed to stick around for a long time. Which is good, since it costs almost $1800.

Cribs-Desk-Furniture [nyt]
Studio Crib []
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