March 8, 2007

Mr. Hochstein, Your Son Is On The Phone. He Says He Has Some Exciting News.

So word on random Brazilian gossip websites is that Tom Brady got Gisele Bundchen pregnant. too. No consensus yet on Deadspin over whether this would make him the Kevin Federline, the Steve Garvey, or the NBA of the NFL.

Tom Brady Clearly Missed Some Health Classes In High School [deadspin]
Russ Hochstein bio []


This appeared on just above a link to an article about some guy who burned his genitals...something Brady may want to think about.

I propose a new term long the lines of Irish twins.

Brady Twins - Babies born within one year of one another and sharing the same babydaddy.

[that's good stuff. though I'd bump it up to babies born within nine months of each other, just to enhance the effect. -ed.]

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