March 7, 2007

Yum Yum: Chair, Strollers From Bloom In The Spring


Bloom Baby, the Hong Kong-based gear company whose reclining, rotating, pneumatically raising, podaliciously curving Fresco high chair scooped up an award at last year's Kind + Jugend expo, is finally hitting the US this spring.

Bloom is debuting at Modern Tots' swanky Brooklyn showroom, Sunday, March 18th. [Event details are on the Modern Tot site. You need to RSVP by the 14th, Wednesday.]

They'll have the gear there to demo, and they'll be taking orders for delivery...when? I have no idea. Good question to ask. In addition to the ovoid high chair lounger, they also have a more conventional-looking high chair [which somehow folds flat for storage--your ironing board will resent it, but hey, life's tough.] and a sweet, curved ply baby bouncer.


Bloom also has a sweet-looking, single-fold, slightly curvaceous Bugaboo-looking stroller called the SoHo. It reminds me a bit of the one in Urban Babies Wear Black, just not an umbrella style. The Bloom Baby site is all up and running and full of clippings from Europe, so it's good to know your kid won't be a total guinea pig with this stuff.

Bloom Baby site []
Bloom Baby US intro, 3/18, 12-3pm at Modern Tots []

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I like the look of this stroller (and the high chair, for that matter), but the website's a mess of splash screens and thin on actual photos of the various configurations, etc.

Not being the shy type, I emailed in a critique, and -- much to my surprise -- got a reponse from Madeline saying "We agree with you" and indicating that they're planning improvements. Good news for anyone who gave up on the site, and the fast and courteous response may bode well for future customer service.

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