February 28, 2007

Quick, See Neo-Mickey Before His Lawyers Do


Come To Daddy, indeed. The DT jury may be out on the Disney plush toy sofas, but this sweet, little remixing of Mickey as a trance-happy space alien from the planet Murakami is AWESOME.

Not clear what the impetus was, but animator Barry Baker transformed Matt Cruickshank's neo-comic concept and storyboards, and then they laid Richard James' "Flim" down under it.

Hurry up and see this while you can. In the mean time, I'll be working on converting YouTube to quicktime...

Neo-Mickey [crookie's blog via boingboing]

"Flim" is available on Aphex Twin's Come to Daddy EP
, $11 [amazon]

1 Comment

Cool that you provided the Aphex Twin link. My wife and I were watching it (without having any of your comments) and she kept saying, I KNOW this song. We just heard it. who is it?

She was right on about Aphex Twin, and a nice piece it is.

i think you need to have a video TAG, since I'm still trying to search daddytypes for the kid's online video archive you posted a while back.

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