February 28, 2007

If Found, Name "Steve"

For some reason, an excited article about new technology for abandoning babies pops up in the major news media every 13-15 months. It's like clockwork. If only birth control or social services protections for the young illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe who are knocked up by their overseers was that reliable, Europe might not need foundling wheels or baby boxes in the first place.

Which is why the most interesting thing in the NY Times/IHT front page story is this job perk: the first drop-off in Rome "was named Stefano by the hospital team after the medic on call that night."

2/07: In Rome, a baby abandoned in the safest way [iht]
1/06: Italy retakes lead in baby dumping technology
10/05: Forget the infant dumpster, what you want is a Baby Box
Meanwhile, in America, outrage: NYC needs its infant dumpsters back!

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