February 27, 2007

This Landfill Is Your Landfill, This Landfill Is My Landfill

Idaho dad Anthony Doerr takes a break from hipster parenting to agonize over the devastating amount of trash his family generates. His, yours and ours, that is:

Before I became a parent, I didn't bother to think about garbage all that much. Lately, I can't seem to forget it. Maybe this is partly because parenting in the new millennium converts average, sane humans into trash-making fiends. Disposable diapers, wipes, nipples, formula bottles, breast pads--eventually, they all end up smelling bad, and they all end up in the garbage. Car seats, pack 'n' plays, high chairs, cribs, fold-up strollers--they all come in big boxes, sheathed in plastic bags, clamped in Styrofoam.

Toys might be the worst offenders: Most come in boxes inside boxes, wired in with diabolical 6-inch twist ties or screwed with actual screws into plastic backings. For even the most garbage-conscious parent, holidays, baby showers, and birthdays can become Saturnalias of trash-making: paper plates, batteries, invitations, half-eaten chunks of cake.

Letters from Idaho: Garbage Night [themorningnews.org]
Previously: Anthony Doerr takes his kids to his childhood home.

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Hi World! Yes, garbage is soooo bad. Please stop contributing tho the 6% of solid waste in the fills- plastic diapers!!!! Please investigate super cool modern cloth diapering systems-the best kept secret of Scandinavia'a super hip parenting generation. Check out this US site for loads of kick ass video and and info on how ridiculously easy and sweet this lifestyle option is.

[sorry, the videos were not "kick ass" enough to receive an exemption from the "no gratuitous self-promotion" comment policy. I'm sure folks in the Hudson River valley who are looking for a diaper service will still be able to find you, though. -ed.]

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