February 27, 2007

Some Random Gear Links: Muji In America, Disney/Campana, Acrylic Cradle, &c.

Here are a few finds that have piled up in my to-link folder:

First, two from The Nursery at Apartment Therapy, a blog that's very advanced for its age:

  • You can get Muji's awesome Suburbia In A Bag in the US? I couldn't even find it in Japan. Apparently, it's a UK-only product, but Nonchalant Mom has grey-marketed a bunch back to the States. Suburbia and a couple of other In A Bag series sell for the same price as at MoMA, $14.

  • An acrylic cradle? Awesome. A $6,000 cradle? I'm all ears. But I'll tell you right now: if you spend $6,000 on this acrylic cradle, I better not hear about it. Because I will come and knock you around and straighten you out.


    30 years ago, multiple animal puzzle technology had plateaued at 4-in-1. But now Muji UK has managed a full 50% improvement with this 6-in-1 animal face puzzle made of wood cubes. Look for the next 50% jump, to 9-in-1, sometime around 2036.


    You know how the Campana Brothers were going to be making versions these limited edition sofas out of Disney plush toys? Yeah, well, the exhibition opens tomorrow at Albion Gallery in London. There'll be 25 each of three Cartoon Chairs--Minnie, Mickey, and Pluto. Dezeen has some sneak photos. At this point, it's better than three acrylic cradles, that's as far as I'll go.

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