February 27, 2007

Miffy Loves New York City; Dick Bruna Loves Cashing NYC's Checks

miffy_loves_nyc.jpgStarting in the fall of 2003, NYC & Company, the official visitors & tourist organization for New York City, launched a marketing campaign to lure families to the city.

Central to that effort was Miffy Loves New York City!, a picturebook-cum-guidebook where Dick Bruna's silent little Dutch rabbit visits "30 family-friendly New York City landmarks," including Central Park, the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, The Plaza--oh wait, they've turned the Plaza into condos. [Hope that Michelin data in the back is up to date. If not, here's a tip: go to the Time Warner Mall at Columbus Circle instead. Look, William-Sonoma!]

I don't think it's a stretch to say that if Miffy behaves like this, not only will New York City love her right back, she'll probably earn enough to pay for her trip.

Buy Miffy Loves New York City! is for sale for $8 [amazon]
Miffy campaign info and sample pages at NYCVisit [nycvisit.com]
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1 Comment

I love that book - I've bought it for many of the kids of friends who live elsewhere and were visiting New York. My question is, how did Miffy get a great Dutch Omafietsen (Granny bike) to ride around Manhattan in?

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