February 25, 2007

Nice Grouping: Block Puzzles From Creative Playthings And Naef


Great minds thought alike back then, I guess. Both Naef and Creative Playthings made square puzzles cut into strips. Turn them over, and there's a different animal on each of the four faces of--you know, why is it so hard to describe something that's so immediately obvious when you look at it?


The CP puzzle looks to be in better shape, but frankly, I like the Naef designs much better, especially that snake.

Vintage wood children’s block puzzle Naef Spiele Swiss, ends Feb. 28, current bid is $28 shipped [ebay]
Creative Playthings Toy animal blocks, ends Mar. 2, current bid is $38 shipped


I've had this set of transport-themed Creative Playthings blocks since, well, forever. Sorry, but they are Not For Sale.

I had these...I remember that giraffe...it kills me everytime I think back to my childhood and all the cool toys we had that went the way of yardsales 'cuz we needed to fix the car or get a new water heater or something boring like that.

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