February 23, 2007

Yoshitomo Nara Plush Doll Rarer Than You Think


I know there are some pull toys out there, but I'm still surprised that Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara's malevolent-looking little kids or sleepy-eyed puppies haven't made it onto actual kid-sized t-shirts or Onesies yet.

Still, when I was trying to pricecheck this limited edition, 20cm-tall plush doll from 2002-03 in Japan, to see if the $48 price tag had some of that there gaijin tax built into it, I came up empty. The Nara plushies in Japan seem to have cleaned out the online shelves. So $48 is a fine price.

Yoshitomo Nara Plush Girl, $48+$15 shipping worldwide [nara-kami shop at wakaba.net]
Previously: Nara pull toy dog; Nara t-shirt/romper conversion
Yoyamart has/had a plush version of Takashi Murakami's Mr. Pointy


The Sydney Museum of Contemporary Museum of Art stocks Nara onesies and Ts but, just to be helpful, they're not available at their online store.

Roo has a tee with the guitar girl on it. It's a 2T but still fits. We bought it in Hawaii at a Nara exhibit two years ago, along with the Blackguard Angel plush that was supposed to be for mommy but was quickly nabbed and has remained her favorite lovey. She calls it "devil dolly" and it is ALWAYS in her possession.

Just for reference- I paid $15 for the little doll. The one shown was twice the size and I think $35 so I passed, a fact I have regretted ever since. I haven't seen the little one for less than $35 online since someone mentioned that I should really put a spare aside "just in case."

I'm from Sydney Australia. Where can I get one of these dolls, and fast? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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