February 20, 2007

Soft, Smooth, Stop-Action Felt Video For DJ Klock

If you're ever in need of a five-minute music video to mellow the kid out a bit, there's always DJ Klock's "Theme." Klock is a hard-to-classify turntablist with a slight jazz overtone and an appreciation for the offbeat and found sound. Among its soothing chimes, "Theme" includes some interludes of toy musical instruments, and except for one brief, hyped moment around 4:30, where the beat accelerates, and a baby cries and giggles, it's chill all the way through.

Kenji Hirata's gorgeous stop-action animation is transfixing and fun to watch. It's not the random mashup of the video director's girlfriend's art, either; Hirata and Klock have been collaborating for three years on San, the album that contains "Theme," and Hirata performs with Klock as well.

I'm rambling, but it's nice to discover something new and find out it actually IS new, not just something you missed because you don't go out anymore. And when you can watch it with the kid, I call that win-win.

DJ Klock "Theme" Video by Joey Garfield and Kenji Hirata [youtube via kamawanai]
DJ Klock is distributed in the US by ropeadope [ropeadope.com/djklock]
Non-Circular Music -- A look at DJ Klock [spinscience.org.uk]
A video by Cacoy, a DJ Klock-related band, all it needs is a 4-armed guru counting to 20 [youtube]
Glowsticks Provided: DJ Klock will do your wedding, picnic, ANYTHING! [djklock.com]

1 Comment

This is awesome. My 2 year old and I really like this. Thanks for the introduction.
Hopefully I can now toss the baby einstien and get more Klock.

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