February 20, 2007

RIP: Mice Twice Illustrator Joseph Low, 95

joseph_low_mice_twice.jpgThis is one well-packed sentence, from Steven Heller's obituary for Joseph Low, author of Mice Twice, which won the Caldecott Honor award in 1981, and who just passed away last week at 95:

In the 1950s Mr. Low was known for his expressively witty linear style, which challenged the prevailing trends of Rockwellian realism, yet was consistent with European comic surrealism. Using wild pen gestures he created glyphlike characters meant for both adult and child that were both sophisticated and accessible.
Mice Twice is like a children's primer for multi-round game theory, where the outcomes--being fed/being eaten--sound realistic, but not too Rockwellian.

Joseph Low, 95, illustrator of children's books, dies [nyt via dt reader elysia]

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