February 20, 2007

Also, They're Boxy

Terry just figured out what Good Morning America's Car Mom figured out two years ago, and she wonders if it's a conscious attempt to get men interested, maybe break the association with "suburban women, specifically mothers":I've driven plenty of...
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Baby Tattoos: "FDA and Mother Approved," Dad Vetoed

WTF is with the played out 100-year-old tattoo cliches? Look, if you're gonna tattoo your child, at least get a design that shows a couple of creative synapses are firing up there. I mean, it's gonna be on there...
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Hallmark Tries To Conceive...Of More Occasions To Send A Card

I guess cards with ready-to-go, sympathetic sentiments about infertility and miscarriage signal some kind of lifting of lonely taboos of silence, but still, they seem a little odd. Hallmark Journeys: The Right Words Help Cope. With Family Matters [hallmark...
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Soft, Smooth, Stop-Action Felt Video For DJ Klock

If you're ever in need of a five-minute music video to mellow the kid out a bit, there's always DJ Klock's "Theme." Klock is a hard-to-classify turntablist with a slight jazz overtone and an appreciation for the offbeat and...
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Interpreting Kids' Drawings For Fun And Profit

The artist Yeondoo Jung began staging and photographing elaborate re-enactments of children's drawings in 2001. New Museum curator Yukie Kamiya sees the project as an attempt to clarify the "terrible freedom of a child's unbridled ideas." And really, is...
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RIP: Mice Twice Illustrator Joseph Low, 95

This is one well-packed sentence, from Steven Heller's obituary for Joseph Low, author of Mice Twice, which won the Caldecott Honor award in 1981, and who just passed away last week at 95:In the 1950s Mr. Low was known for...
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