February 19, 2007

Rhyming Names

I know the mob has spoken, but I, for one, kind of miss the DT Namewatch feature. I might have to talk to someone about that...

Anyway, names that rhyme: Jack Black's nothing. I just came across a great white shark photographer named Andy Brandy Casagrande...IV.

How much is rhyming a consideration or a dealbreaker? I confess, Fallon Allen never even came up around our house.


My wife and I tried really hard to come up with a name that:

1. Didn't Ryhme
2. Didn't Give Initials That Spelled Another Word (like mine JAR)
3. And as possible that didn't sound dorky.

Honestly I feel that if a child kills his/her parent when they are an adult and they say it is because of the stupid name that the parent gave them (and it really had to be stupid) then they should be let off because the parent obviously abused their power.

I grew up near a boy named BerNARD RiVARD. I made up my mind I'd never do that to a kid.

But I go further - we have a one syllable last name, with a short 'a' sound, so all first names with short 'a's were out. No Daniel, Andy, Clarence, Sam. Lucky for us, we have only boys, because it would have hurt me to nix Suzanna, surely one of the most beautiful girl names ever.

our last name is Levy (leh-VEE) so many names and almost all nicknames sound way too cutesy or sing-songy for me...no Henry, Rosie, Sammy, etc. for us...
My husband has two cousins Camille and Pierre-Eli Levy (pronounced Cam-EE and Pierre-El-EE Lev-EE) so obviously not everyone is bothered by it.

Since when does "grande" rhyme with "Andy"?

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