February 18, 2007

Uptight Censorship Nuts Sack Award-Winning Children's Book


The Higher Power of Lucky, by librarian Susan Patron, illustrated by Matt Phelan, won the Newberry Medal, which some librarians want to affix to the first page, over the word, "scrotum." That's where Lucky hears another character talk about a rattlesnake biting a dog on its scrotum.

“I don’t want to start an issue about censorship,” said Durango, Co. librarian Dana Nilsson, who censored the book, “But you won’t find men’s genitalia in quality literature. At least not for children."

Dog genitalia, either, one supposes.

scrotum! [librarian.net via wholelottanothing]
And by 'uproar,' they mean discussion on some blogs and a mailing list: With One World, Children's Book Sets Off An Uproar [nyt]
Neuticles Ballcap, one size fits all, $24 [neuticles.com]


WTF. Our son is nearly 2 and soon I know my wife (medical pro that she is) will gladly and willfully expalin to our son what's the deal with dad's junk, why is it so different than mine? My guess is she is going to call it what it is, penis, scrotum, etc. Why is this so outrageous. The book's aimed at ten year olds should they not know what their body parts are called and instead demur to "playground" language?

[nothing against your wife or Newberry-winning librarians, but isn't explaining manjunk a dad's job? -ed.]

Uhhhh, thanks for pointing that out. Apparently I brain cramped and was thinking along the lines of household responsibilities:

Ironing: Mom
Yard Maint: Dad
Genetailia Discussion: Mom...sorry dad, I meant dad.

[hey, different strokes for, er, I mean, since we have a girl, the subject just hasn't popped up, er. whatever, penis scrotum. -ed.]

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