February 18, 2007

Quiltsrÿche: Put Them In The Quilted Maiden


Perfect post for a Sunday morning. Seattle metalhead artist Boo Davis picked up quilting from her grandmother, who, in her long quilting life, probably never realized the traditional Half-Log Cabin design would look good transformed into a giant, grinning skull.

Or that all the center squares of the classic Housetop pattern could be filled with punk concert t-shirt fragments, or a primer that includes "M is for Mullet" and "U is for Umlaut."


Well, she knows now. Quiltsrÿche is Davis's made-to-order quilt collection. Crib-sized quilts, 48" x 48", run $700 and take a couple of months to complete. Custom designs can take longer, so start digging out those t-shirts as soon as you know whether it's a girl or a boy. That way you can get the right color quilt: black.

If all your old T-shirts are from Greek Week or computer camp, send them to Stitch'T instead. Quiltsryche would probably just throw them into the flaming goat altar out back.

Quiltsryche Evil Rock Quilts [quiltsryche.com via crowndozen]
Previously: Stitch'T quilts from t-shirts

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