February 18, 2007

Things A Sperm Bank Director Would Say

“It’s kind of an arms race.” “If you have a 5-foot-7 or -8 donor who is a medical student or Ph.D. scientist, that outweighs the height issue in many situations.” “Women sort of fall in love with him." “We...
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Uptight Censorship Nuts Sack Award-Winning Children's Book

The Higher Power of Lucky, by librarian Susan Patron, illustrated by Matt Phelan, won the Newberry Medal, which some librarians want to affix to the first page, over the word, "scrotum." That's where Lucky hears another character talk about...
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Quiltsrÿche: Put Them In The Quilted Maiden

Perfect post for a Sunday morning. Seattle metalhead artist Boo Davis picked up quilting from her grandmother, who, in her long quilting life, probably never realized the traditional Half-Log Cabin design would look good transformed into a giant, grinning...
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