February 16, 2007

Some TV Mook 'Invents' Product That's Been Around For Years


It probably shouldn't be a surprise that the producer/host of some random, me-too reality TV shows, now thinks that he's invented a nipple that fits on a water bottle.

The only thing he deserves credit for is getting them into "fine stores" [sic] like 7-Eleven. And for getting Courtney Love to do his infomercial.

2003, France:

bib'evian, an adapter to put a nipple on a water bottle

1992, Munchkin, granted, they were Dr. Pepper bottles


"the early 20th century", The Drink, Mommy!"


Oct. 2006: Tommy Habeeb's "latest invention"! is available at amazon for $2.50 [tommyhabeeb.com]
BabySport water bottle nipple adapter [babysportonline.com via gearability]

1 Comment

Nipples, hah. When they design a sippy attachment, then we're talking.

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