February 15, 2007

Reckon Shirts I Reckon I'd Buy

[02/08 update: check the comments below; unfortunately, a number of people over an extended period of time have complained about problems or delays completing their orders from Reckon. Lead time on orders not-in-stock have stated leadtimes of up to 3 months. Just so you know.]

The kid's coolest shirt by far has been her Blondie shirt. It was a gift from her uncle two Christmases ago, and it features the kind of thick, rubbery iron-on image you'd come to expect from a baseball jersey. Plus some glitter around the edge. The kid called it her "Mommy shirt," and since it was a hot, vintage image of Debbie Harry, my wife didn't argue.


Now the kid's outgrowing it. Anthill Trading, the big rock licensing outfit who made it, has long since cut it from their inventory. Here are some shirts I'm thinking of to fill her quota for hipster t-sh--no, you know what, screw hipster.


Zoe's hopeless, it's true, but Gena Rowlands is so far beyond hipster, not even New York Magazine would dare try roping her in. And Whit Stillman or Krzysztof Kieslowski, well, those are just filmnerd shirts. Grandmaster Flash, well... OK. Maybe that's hipster. But I'd hold out for the Liquid Liquid shirt anyway.

Reckon Limited Edition Silkscreened Shirts and One-Pieces, $21 [reckonwordwide.com, no 'L', and etsy closed]
Previously: Jon Stewart on a Onesie; spectacular, brainy Onesies from Reckon


I discovered reckon because of you and I LOVE their product. I've gotten and distributed a werner herzog onesie, a ringo t (for my drummer son), and a dylan t (among others) - the graphics are wonderful, and they're color combinations are brilliant!

Please read Reckon's feedback on Etsy before placing an order. Reckon's feedback can be found here.

It appears that he may have difficulty filling orders in a timely fashion.

[yeah, there's a new note about lead times on his front page now. The problem seems to stem from his stuff being all screened-to-order. -ed]

My fave: Lloyd Dobbler holding up the boom box (Say Anything). Classic.

This guy from reckon is a loser.
He has strung my order out from 2 to 5 to 8+ weeks. I'm lucky to even get him to respond to my emails, and he has so far refused to refund my money despite 3 requests to do so.
A+++Douchbag! Would never do business again!

I can attest to any negative feedback regarding reckon. They have been harassing me with these god-awful, self righteous, crazy emails all beacuase I want them to send me the items they charged me for??? After almost 3mos now. I cannot stress enough what a complete waste of time and money they have been.

I placed an order with them over three weeks ago and promptly received a "your order has shipped" email. Well, as you may guess, I haven't received my would-be-very-cool Jon Stewart onesie and they haven't replied to any of my three emails inquiring about the order. I'm just going to file a complaint with my credit card company and be done with it. Too bad - their merchandise looks good, but they're not worth dealing with.

Man, I wish I had read these comments before I placed my order. I ordered two babie onsies from this place, and they didn't show up before my baby outgrew the size I ordered. So I mailed and the guy was actually cool about it and said no problem, he'd upsize. But then they still didn't show up, and my baby outgrew the next size. I emailed again, but this time no answer. A month later I mailed again. Still no answer.

My first order went in when she was 2.5 months. Now she is almost 9 months old. I've tried to just cancel my order, but the guy won't even answer my email now. I think I've been ripped off. So frustrating.

My first Etsy purchase ever was for a $25 t-shirt from Reckon. I ordered it in October for a Christmas gift and January came, still no shirt. The only responses I ever got from the owner were insane rants about how *I* was out of line for expecting my order in less than 3 months. I never got my shirt, it has been oh 2 1/2 years now. He completely ripped me and many, many other Etsy shoppers off. I saw he was featured in Cookie Mags pics recently, which is really too bad as I am sure loads more people will now be scammed.

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