February 15, 2007

Natural Cleaning Supplies Popular Among "Science Is Hard! Let's Go Shopping!" Crowd


Prompted by their school's switch to natural cleaning supplies, parents are switching, too...says Don Imus's wife, whose non-profit group tries to get schools to switch to natural cleaning supplies.

And science schmience, if ammonia residue on the coffee table was irritating the dog's chin, what's the Fantastik doing to the kid? [Hypothetically, that is, since the kid was actually fine]...asked the founder of BabyGanics, a new line of natural cleaning supplies.

“I teach my children: If you can’t pronounce it, don’t use it," announced 27-year-old Tridell, Utah mom and 7th Generation buyer Cory McKee, as she mopped the floor in high heels.

Holy crap, if this is the natural cleaning industry's publicity A-game, I predict Mrs. SC Johnson can go ahead and get the more expensive fabric for the chaises in the saltwater pool pavilion in Palm Beach.
A Safe House? [nyt]
Now about that shopping: $10/49 kickback on Method products at Amazon


I've just started using a vinegar and water solution for cleaning all my floors and most surfaces, and baking soda for the sinks and tub. I can scrub the tub, rinse it off and then start dumping in the toys and Mr. Bubble and the kid. I also find I clean a lot more (!) knowing I don't have to get out the special rag/sponge and then wait for things to dry and then do a water rinse to remove residue. But, I still wear my heels ;)

I like to use natural cleaning products but find that 7th Gen and the Imus products do not clean. Sun & Earth cleaning products clean better and are less expensive.


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