February 12, 2007

Re-Produkte: Rocking Products For Reproducers


I swear, it feels like I've written about the Re-Babe before, but I can't find it in the archives anywhere. Berlin-based design group e27 has created a series of inventive rocking solutions, beginning with Re-Tire, a simple, stackable rocking chair design from 2000.

It was soon followed by the Re-Babe cradle in 2001, which they strapped onto Re-Tire to make Re-Set. Re-Babe comes apart, too; you can swap out the wicker basket for a saddle (called Re-Horse, it's included) when the kid gets too big. Put that together and you get, what, Re-Horsey-Set, I guess. Very posh.

e27_re-move.jpg e27_re-cover.jpg

They also made Re-Move, a pair of molded ply rockers that can be attached to the bottom of an Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair. Re-Mini, a kid-sized version of the Re-Tire, AND, hello, Re-Cover, a wool/acrylic blanket with four re-inforced handles on the corners for swinging the kid around.

Anyway, all I'd ever seen was computer renderings [Re-Nderings?] and a couple of concept studies/prototypes, but according to Re-Produkte's website, all these pieces are available for purchase right. now.


And there are more coming: non-rocking & fabric Re-Minis, and a steel&something high chair [also non-rocking] are due out in March. Not enough to put the company cat at ease, but still, it's a start.

Re-Tire rocking chair, EUR260; Re-Babe/Re-Horse, EUR298; Re-Set combo, EUR570; Re-Mini kid rocker, EUR109; Re-Move rockers, EUR89; Re-Cover blanket, EUR39 [re-produkte.com via pan-dan]


I'm certain you wrote about the Re-Babe before, because where else would I have heard about it? Funny, because I was just looking for another thing you had posted about (child-proofing a loft -- someone had done a nice hack using plexiglas that I was looking to copy), and could not, for the life of me, find it.

Is someone mucking about with the dt servers?

And where is that loft hack, anyway?

[no kidding on the archives. I'm working on that. In the mean time, the loft post is here and the loft hack is here -ed.]

Thanks, Greg, good looking out.

And thanks for this site, at which I've been lurking ever since we started thinking about parenthood (ThisKid is now 4 months old, thus the need to start thinking about childproofing the loft).

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