February 9, 2007

After Successfully Conquering $2,300 Crib Market, Ooba Lowers Prices


Flush with celebration of its near-total domination of the $2,300 segment of the awesome modernist crib market, Ooba is now boldly pursuing the highly competitive $1,500-give-or-take market by dropping the price of their Nest Crib to $1,650.

I imagine the press release would be something like this: "After successfully selling our innovative Nest Crib to everyone in the country who was looking for a $2,300 molded ply crib, Ooba is expanding its products appeal by lowering prices to appeal to even more design-savvy parents, all while maintaining the same levels of quality and finish Ooba is famous for."

Ooba Nest Crib, $1,650

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