February 9, 2007

$25? For Pampers? Meh. gDiapers Is Giving Away $4,500

stephen_malkmus_tokion.jpgSheesh, February is officially Diaper Deal Month now. Turns out gDiapers, the amazing, flushable diapers that come with their own toilet bowl swizzle stick, is throwing a Happy Baby, Happy Planet Giveaway in conjunction with Wild Oats, the other organic grocery megachain.

At the end of February they're having a drawing for a year's supply of gDiapers, plus $1,000 donated to the non-profit of your choice, plus a customized lullaby by the Von Dutch of lullaby customizers, Michael Allen Harrison [no relation].

Each Wild Oats store will also be giving away a $200 basket of "natural, hip and fun" baby stuff. So go cough up some demographic info right now! I mean, what're they gonna do with it? They're hippies!

gDiapers Happy Baby, Happy Planet Giveaway [emailroi.com ? via mark at sparkability]
image: malkmus doing happy baby in tokion


Thanks for the mention Greg. Been here for over a year now and sounding decidedly American. And now we are giving away the shop - "Crikey!" as my beloved countrymen, Big Steve Irwin would've said.


dad/ CEO

I want my shot at free g's, but I can't find a place on the website to sign up. Is there a secret code?

[apparently, it's an in-store thing only. Don't worry, though; the idea of getting up from the computer freaks me out, too. -ed.]

What's the link between SM and gDiapers, Portland?

And speaking of gDiapers, if anyone wants to enter me into the contest, please feel free... the nearest Wild Oats to us is a couple hours away in Tulsa and baby #2 is coming in July, so I am sure 3-year old big sister would LOVE to swish and flush some eco-friendly diapers...

[who's SM? -ed.]

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