February 8, 2007

Mom Babbles On About The Problem [sic] With Perfect Dads

So I read Jessica Francis Kane's somewhat agonized [not a rant, she gets full credit for that] rumination on Babble about the new set of complications that arise from having a perfect, involved dad for a husband. And I come away with two explanations:

1) there are some folks who make sense of the world around them by stressing about things. One problem solved? Great, another one slots in to take its place. If it works for them, great.


2) Writers are crazy. Pollack, Kane, Sohn, the whole lot of them. I mean us. I mean them.

Equality Now [babble via dt reader mark]

1 Comment

Let the backlash begin!
How long before we see articles about how the new trend is women wanting men to make all the decisions, follow more "manly" pursuits and let the wife stay at home and do all household chores and child rearing?
Caitlin Flanagan and Ann Coulter have already got that ball rolling. Of course, Ms. Flanagan's husband "allows" her to work outside the home, so I guess he's just whipped, too.

[dude, you have a blog (on the way)! -ed.]

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