February 8, 2007

Apartment Therapy: Now For The Nursery

carved_crayons.jpgApartment Therapy, the site for people with neurotic apartments whose apartments just have a few issues just like what they like, you gotta problem with that? The door's right over there, the chartreuse one--I know, but we thought it might liven things up...

Anyway, Apartment Therapy has added The Nursery, for kid-and-baby-related design and living news and finds--like the FLOR kids collection of modular carpeting--and great projects to fill all your spare time after the kid comes--like carving his crayons into these adorable little sculptures.

And unlike a real-world apartment, where, at best, the addition of a nursery means the loss of a home office, in the virtual world, it's a painless addition of a subdomain.

The Nursery: nursery.apartmenttherapy.com [img: pete goldlust]

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I read those sorts of sites, and the children's room suggestions in design magazines and always come up with the same two questions:

1) do these people live in a world where everyone has massive amounts of money?
2) Have these people ever even seen a child up close?

[and how, AT's Maxwell just had a baby move into their 250-sf West Village apartment. -ed.]

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