February 7, 2007

The Rice Daddies Blogaversary Book Contest

They grow up so fast. To celebrate the Rice Daddies' first blogging anniversary, RD is throwing a book review contest. [nice, I like that idea] They're looking for your review of "your favorite book from your own childhood that you want to share (or have already shared) with your own kid(s)."

Neither the books nor the reviewers need to be Asian, but the prizes will be; Kane/Miller Books, which specializes in translating great [1] international books for the US market, is putting together an Asian book platter. I'm sure there's a Lazy Susan involved somewhere.

Get typing, reviews must be in by Feb. 23. Check the Daddies for details.

The Rice Daddies 1st Blogaversary Children's Book Review Contest


I was looking forward to sharing my June, 1979 Playboy magazine with my son someday, but we had a girl...

Lazy susan? Are we gonna have to kung-fu your ass again? :)

Re: book review contests, I guess great minds think alike. Heh.

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