February 7, 2007

Awesome Felt Book By Esther Schuivens


Esther Schuivens was one of the actual designers tapped by Habitat for their first VIP For Kids collection last winter. Her company Esthex made a crafty little Eskimo [1] doll, since replaced by Harry Potter's couch or something.

This cool felt book, though, is still around. Every page transforms and reveals another creature of some kind. Very nice for keeping the kid quiet during church, or just for gnawing on on the floor. And it's always a relief to see a cloth book that wasn't made by Burmese child prisoners.

Esthex's site is a wholesale/showroom only right now. [esthex.nl]
Kid-o carries Esthex stuff, though, and the book showed up in Google's cache for $70. Remember, no Burmese prisons... [kidostore.com]
Previously: Muji Cloth Activity Books [sold out in like five minutes, never saw one in person in JP]

[1] DT reader/Canadian Jeffrey points out that their Eskimos are Inuits and consider 'Eskimo' to be a derogatory term. Our Eskimos are Yupiks, though, and self-identify as Eskimos. Two things everyone can agree on, though, 1) the Dutch have no Eskimos of their own to offend or not, and 2) saying things like "our Eskimos" and "their Eskimos" offends everybody equally. And isn't that what's most important?

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What's this kidostore all about and are they connected to Kidonyc?

[holy smokes, it's not the same thing! Clovelly, a beachfront area of Sydney. You think they'd mention that somewhere on the site... -ed.]

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