February 6, 2007

Road Warrior, Come Out And Play-ay

from mehretube's photostream on flickr

I've really got nothing to add to this photo. [mehretube's flickr stream via hustler of culture]


OMG! It's Top Gear's "The Stig!!"

This pic reminds me of a delightful time we had last Thanksgiving when we took our daughters to the kiddie playground. There was a similar springy ride-on toy with seats for three toddlers. It was clearly a toddler toy. Our 3-year old was riding on it by herself when a group of three twenty-somethings comes into the playground--clearly childless--and one of them proceeds to jump on one of the empty seats of the springy toy our daughter was riding. And what happens when an adult that's clearly had too many trips to the Chinese buffet gets on a springy toy at the playground? Well, it tends to dramatically sag to the ground, suddenly lifting any unsuspecting 40-lb. toddler at least four feet off the ground, perching her high enough to get a sand burn (or worse) if she should happen to plummet from that height. So, like any concerned parent, we asked the "lady" to please get off so our daughter could at least reach the ground. And the "lady" did...reluctantly. However, as the group of people were leaving the playground, they decided that the best way to respond to their unfair and harsh treatment at the hands of some overly protective parents was to call us "crackers," as if they were responding to a Michael Richards diatribe. The wife and I were outraged yet amused by the stupidity of it all. Thankfully the only side-effect for our girls was their sudden inquiry to us if we had brought along any Ritz.

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