February 6, 2007

Que Lindo! Bunnies From Portugal By Rosa Pomar


So I see these flower-eyed bunnies staring up off the sidebar of design*sponge, and I'm like, "Damn, what? Do I know you? Have I seen you bunnies before? You're from freakin' Portugal!" And it's kind of scaring me, and I'm all, "Never goin' outside again. nope, no way, no how," then I realize Nurseryworks had a cribful of them at the International Gift Fair last week, and it's cool.

They commissioned Portuguese designer Rosa Pomar to make some of her trademark toys using Nurseryworks fabric. They're selling them exclusively online [$68 + $7 shipping, or as I like to think of it, $75].

Pomar's bunnies and other soft toys are usually made from even more intensely patterned cottons, and come with wool/cashmere felt faces sewn on. [No buttons to swallow that way.] When she has new stock, she posts it on her blog as Bonecas a Venda. And now you just learned two new Portuguese words.

Nurseryworks Doll by Rosa Pomar, $75 [nurseryworks.net]
Rosa Pomar's site, A Ervilha Cor de Rosa [ervilhas via bloesem and d*s]


Thank you Greg :)

I love my Rosa softies. My son named one Rosa and the other Pomar in her honor. Yet another was a baby gift. Truly beautiful dolls in person.

Parabems Rosa!

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