February 5, 2007

Troglodytes And Manuellas: Squishy Soft Toys

It's been literally several minutes since we've seen some hipsterish plush toys around here, sorry for dropping the ball.


Troglodytes are created by artist Jill Penney out of fleece; they have hand painted horns and sculpey eyes. Perfect for the kidult in training. They're at $80 at Sparkability [a dt advertiser].


Manuellas, meanwhile, are by Merav Flam, "Israel's top toy designer". They're made in things like terrycloth. They're in about a hundred stores--someone's got the trade show racket down--and run about $40. [via notcot]

1 Comment

we actually have a blue elephant by Manuela! easy to wash. very esthetically pleasing. Trying to convince our son to make it his lovey, and give me up. (Not succeeding but he does sleep with it for a few hours.)

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