February 5, 2007

"I Hog The Ground" Video By Steve & Steven: Great Ideas From, For Noggin


Welcome to the Hotel Nickelodeon. You can check out any time you want, but you can. never. le-e-eave.

After making a mad and credible--hey, it had me fooled--break with children's television in order to launch his indie rock career, Steve Burns, the original Blues Clues guy, is back. This time, he and Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips performed their song, "I Hog The Ground," on the new season of Jack's Big Music Show.

So, yeah, you could look at opening for Laurie Berkner as a setback, but I prefer to accentuate the positive. Especially as a guy with The Big Shave in my own future some day, Without Noggin, I would never have appreciated the hair loss mitigation capacity of a furry groundhog headband.

Watch the "I Hog The Ground" video on noggin.com, or watch it on TV every three days for the next year. [noggin.com]
75,000,000 toddlers can't be wrong [themorningnews.org]


I actually own Steve's first album. It's in regular rotation around here, and I have to say it is actually good. It was bought as a joke, but the songs are catchy enough to get stuck in my head, especially Mighty Little Man

[it's on the YouTube -ed.]

Having missed the groundhog episode of Jack's Big Music Show (until the rerun today) I was not aware of Steve & Steven.

I Googled them and you were #1. Congrats. Although, I think I'll forgo my post since it is apparently old news.

I always thought Steve was pretty tall. Joe must be like 4'2".

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