February 3, 2007

The Pampers Porsche & The Pampers Box


Set aside for a moment the glaringly obvious suggestion that Pampers should've sponsored a Porsche Boxster, not a Carrera, to promote their new diaper caddy, the Porsche Box. No one in the fast-paced worlds of diaper marketing and motorsports drives by looking in his rearview mirror. And besides, there's no Boxster Cup in Germany.

And while it's true that if Eichin Racing's rookie driver Adam Blair had done a little better earlier in the 2002 season of The Carrera Cup, there probably would have been fewer photocaptions for the Pampers Porsche like "his pants are full," Pampers deserves full credit for taking a chance on a marketing channel most babygear companies ignore.

Blair rallied at the Cup's last race, gaining the pole position at Horkenheim. But his Google results since then are a little spotty. Live fast, retire young, become a mortgage broker, that's his motto now.


As for the Pampers Box, which was able to hold an entire package of Pampers, a case of wipes, and various other lotions and potions, it didn't fare so well, either. There are a couple of pictures lingering in the Google Image results for German etailers, but there IS at least one still for sale--in Hungary. It'll set you back 6,900 forints, or about $US35, coincidentally about the same as the Pampers Porsche's 2002 winnings.

Porsche Carrera Cup 2002 Archive, PZ Eichin Team [racecam.de, image too]
Eichin Racing [eichin-racing.de]
Porsche Box pelenkatarto falibox 6900 Ft, plus shipping [minimano.hu]
Previously: Pampers $25/99 sale, illustrated by ricolovesbikes' sweet Pampers Porsche photo


The diaper box looks higher-tech than the car...

Since I drive a Boxster and love it, it's obviously why they picked a Carrera. If you look really carefully in the picture, you can see a front facing baby seat with a racing 5 point restraint system. :)

I enjoy your blog

[look in this second flickr picture. And check out theBoxster car seat here, too. thnx, -ed.]

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