February 2, 2007

21st Century Family Modernism By Richard Hutten


Well this is five kinds of cool right here. Designer Richard Hutten gave Dutch TV station KRO a tour of his house in Rotterdam, where he lives with his two sons.

The creator of such kid-friendly classics as the Bronto chair and the Dumbo cup talks about kid's design, his own kids' room, and some thoughts on play.

Or something. The whole thing's in Dutch, which almost makes you think you can pick it up. [I've always described Dutch as sounding like an American speaking German. Anyone care to translate, or at least pick out the key points?]


Anyhow, Hutten's kids live in a box, a sweet, plywood playpod with bunkbeds shelves, and a slew of closable windows, smack in the middle of the lofty space. There's definitely a lot of Hutten product around, but there's also a great-looking high chair-type thing [by...?] and the signature Droog piece, Tejo Remy's awesome dresser/agglomeration of drawers--with an out-of-control pile of toys next to it.

Remind me again why any design aficionados lose sleep over clutter? We live in houses, not museums. Or design stores. More screencaps after the jump:

Richard Hutten: Hoe richt je je huis kindvriendelijk in? [kro.nl via reluct]
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