January 31, 2007

Gellibaff: Red Gum! Red Gum! Red Gum!


Looks like we need a WTF??? category around here.

Gellibaff is a packet of crystals that turns your kid's bathwater into brightly colored, gelatinous goo. To get rid of it, you just dump in the second packet of crystals, that reverts it back to [coloured] bath water again. [But won't they need to take a bath after the 'baff? Does this make sense at all to anyone in GMT? "For maximum gooiness, 5 or 6 cm (of water) is plenty"? That's two inches. What is that, a French bath?]

Freakin' you out, too? Is it just a cultural thing? Gellibaff has been safety tested to strict cosmetic standards: "Gellibaff is a harmless powder which holds 400 times its own weight in water. A similar substance is used in disposable nappies. The dissolver sachet is pure table salt, the same as you put on your chips!" Oh, well then...

Four colours, four sets, forty freakin' bucks [gellibaff.co.uk via brian @ banterist]
Previously [and infinitely better, at least the commercial]: Senor Sudsalot by Pancake Mountain [also, buy their dvds]


Ack! Reminds me of that gelatinous goo Cylons are "reborn" in. (Forgive the BSG geekiness...it's just...ewwww.)

Incredibly bizarre. Watching the video on the website made me think of that old SNL commercial for BIG RED, the toy viking that spins in circles and sprays red stuff all over the living room.

I just keep thinking 'what does it do to the pipes?'

Looks kind of cool in my opinion. It also brings to mind a scene from "Alice the Fairy" by David Shannon where Alice says that she is working on a spell to turn her bathwater into strawberry jello.

GELLIBAFF i have crumbled under the presure of 2 kids 7 and 8 and bought this. well what can i say ordered at 4.30pm and it arrived the next day so excellent service and i unfortunately have to say what an amazing product it is, the kids loved it, i added more water so it wasn't quite as thick, the kids spent an hour playing in it (could be one for the adults too lol) just a slight warning tho as i added more water the dissolver didn't disolve all of it back to water so had to add more salt not a huge sacrifice for 2 very happy kids. would i recommend it most definitely

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